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The right way for real estate investments

H & R Holdings provides you with real estate investments with an innovative model that allows you to enter the world of investments with low equity in high demand areas. H & R Holdings has designated departments that provide consulting, guidance and guidance for real estate investors in the US.


Locating properties

Locating real estate assets in several attractive areas abroad.

Identify market trends

Identifying current trends in the real-estate market

Investment Management

Management of investment while evaluating risks

Management of bureaucracy

Advising and guidance of bureaucratic affairs in the field of real estate

Tax advice

Routine work versus tax consultants and accountants for the benefit of maximizing investment profits

Customer service

Customer service department with maximum availability 24/7

Improving assets in the US

Improvement of assets increases in profitability through renovation and interior design

Ongoing management and maintenance

Managing and maintaining the property on a regular basis


Our Team

Yaron Aroshas

CEO and founder

Mr. Aroshas is the owner and founder of H&R Holdings and has more then 8 years of real estate investment experience including acquisitions, asset management of hospitality and multi family properties. as well as .oversees investments and has spent nearly a decade in the industry

Nicole Fisher


Nicole performs a broad array of tasks including managing an active callender, coordinating with .staff and organizing high level meetings both internally and externally and directly working with the tenants.

Abraham Meller


Abraham specializes in discovering new locations that are ideal investment opportunities. He finds and researches these new properties while also providing guidance on the future development of the company.

Christian Campos


Christian has more than 9 years of experience supervising in all types of construction projects. That experience helps him to create a safer and more consistent construction practice at our job sites. Christian also considers himself highly motivated and very teachable as he strives to be the best at his craft.

Stanley Jones

Maintenance Manager

Stanley has background experience in wood working and construction Stanley manage complex repair and maintenance on electrical, mechanical, plumbing and climate-control systems. He is the guy to call when you need help with anything!

Haim Gannon

International representative

With over 30 years of experience, Haim is one of the top performers of our company by focusing on ensuring the smoothest transaction by transferring knowledge and experience. He's strong background in technology enables him to take advantage of the extensive tools available to find or market homes. Haim certified for working also as a buyer and seller agent.

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