Investment process


First Step- consultation and setting goals

The right investment process in the United States will begin with an initial consultation to determine the objectives and direction of the type of asset and the recommended investment area. Each area is characterized by a specific asset type and the quality of the population is an important component in characterizing the investment risk. On the property area and the type of investment we will decide together in the initial call and determine the investment budget and the type of property that we will purchase. We will explain to the investor the acquisition process and the importance of the LLC property list, which will provide legal protection and a limited guarantee to the company owner for the assets incorporated under it.


Second Step- Locating the investment

The most difficult task in real estate investments overseas and especially the United States is to locate the property with the highest potential in the most suitable environment. At this stage, we will focus on finding the suitable asset for the investment definitions that we have determined. Some investors prefer a good area that is characterized by a solid investment and yields of 8-10%, and there are investors who will not settle for yields below 10%. For each asset that fits the definitions, we will prepare a business plan that will include a statement of income and expenses flow from the investment. We examine which new properties were put up for sale in the areas where we specialize, and which have significant reinforcement to ensure value-adding and even value appreciation in the foreseeable future


Third step-locating and examining the property

After locating the property, we will make the purchase. We will sign the purchase contract and transfer an advance to the Title company. At this stage, we will begin carrying out due diligence tests that will include engineering inspection of the property and an examination of the existence of foreclosures or liens on the property. Due diligence is the most important test when buying an investment property in the United States so that the investor gets all the information about the property he is going to purchase. The inspection is intended to obtain an opinion on the structure, the foundations, the plumbing, the electricity, the plumbing, the heating and cooling systems, the roof, the basement, the gutters, the windows. In an initial survey conducted by a contractor on our behalf, we will receive a budget estimate for renovations. In addition, an independent inspector is sent to receive a complete defect report in the structure. All the information is crossover and verified through a professional and unique risk management process of the company and full transparency with the investor and his satisfaction.


Fourth stage-signing of a purchase contract

After a professional examination of an investment property, it is possible to estimate its value based on previous transactions in the environment and based on the results of the examination for the propriety of the asset and the feasibility of its investment. At this stage we must negotiate stubbornly with the owners of the property or those acting on its behalf to lower the cost of acquisition to the minimum required. Once we are locating the property. we will sign the purchase contract.


Fifth Stage- Transfer of ownership under the investor's name

"The purchase process is supervised by a “TITLE COMPANY Title company is a neutral legal body that carries out the transfer of ownership of assets in the US. The company examines the legal status of the property and ensures that there are no debts, liens and foreclosures on the property. The Company is responsible for transferring the money to the seller and registering the property in the name of the purchaser The Title Company issues an insurance policy to the purchaser as a defense to the event that there are undisclosed historical debts or attachments. We will take care of all the legal actions required to register the new ownership in the name of the investor purchasing Title insurance that covers foreclosures or liens and insurance for the property. In addition, we will purchase for the investor property insurance that protects us as investors against possible loss of property due to fire, floods, storms, rain damage, burglary and sabotage and many other items. This is one of the most important elements in buying a home for investment


Stage six-the improvement of the property

The renovation of the property includes a massive and comprehensive renovation of the property, which includes strengthening the house's shell, demolishing the existing interior space, renovating the interior of the house, installing electrical systems, instilling, heating and assembling a new roof. Beyond this, and as possible, we make sure to add additional bathroom and laundry rooms and strengthen the property and improve the overall visibility of the house we have just purchased. The purpose of the renovation is to bring the property to the right position for rent or sale. We have the experience to create a good demand for an asset that allows you to demand the best price for it afterwards. All the renovations are conducted with the authorities and accompanied by the issuance of all necessary approvals for all the construction goals.


Last step-Congratulations, you purchased an asset in the United States!

At this point you can toast! Congratulations, you have purchased an asset in the United States! The first rent check is already on its way! You have made your first move towards passive income and economic independence.