H & R Holdings has developed an innovative method for locating and executing real estate investments in the US in a variety of properties and strategic locations.

The real value of a good real estate investment lies in purchasing at a low price relative to the market price. We do not sell you a property and do not earn on your back, we accompany you to purchase a property at a competitive and low price. The escort model puts our interests on the same side and increases commitment to results. The Company's profit is based and contingent on achieving the expected results in the business plan.

H & R Holdings' investment method is based on a number of key principles: 

Focusing on locating assets - 
focusing on identifying assets with potential 

for improvement 

Entry into investment -
in the safest form and with returns of more than 8%



Secure our investors - a complete defense mechanism with comprehensive legal tools


We have all heard of the big subprime crisis in the United States when apartments, buildings and homes across the US have been abandoned by apartment buyers who have not met mortgage payments and banks have been stuck with tens of thousands of apartments they can not manage. The bank is a
Financial institution and when the houses been abandoned he remained in possession of a guarantee that he did not want to care for.


Homes that sold hundreds of thousands of dollars before the crisis began in Attractive places and Attractive neighborhoods are sold today ridiculous amounts, as many Americans can not get a mortgage today because of the rigidity created in the process of providing a mortgage created a huge market of excellent tenants to these assets.


Of course, after a fall usually comes an increase, and indeed, since then until today the market is growing continuously and prices are rising gradually. Why is all this important? Because this means that there is no better time than this time to buy quality properties at floor prices and wait as their value increases rapidly. Many investors have already realized that this is a rare opportunity that will probably not be repeated, at least not in the coming decade.


The crisis in the US is now in the opinion of leading economists at the stage of stabilization and hence the opportunity. The same assets that we can now buy in relatively small amounts of money represent an economic opportunity both as a return and as an improvement.


Good and stable properties in good neighborhoods yield high and stable returns of over %8!


The company's goal is to locate assets below market value, and any transaction that meets this criterion is in our possession.


If we compare the investment in real estate investment in the US and the average assets in Israel we find that in Israel it is possible to spend 3 percent in the center and a periphery of 4.5 percent at best, in addition to the real estate trends in Israel, the improvement in assets is behind us at this stage.


According to real estate experts, the crisis in the US is a great opportunity, provided we do it in the right way, in the right place.


If the world of real estate investing interests you , it is important that you have a strong body that knows how to manage it. After all, you keep working, running a house, spending time with the children, and it makes no sense that one investment, as important as it is, will begin to manage you. In the end, it's money and money to manage. 


Therefore, when deciding to enter the field of real estate investment in the US, H & R Holdings will allow you to invest in a quiet mind and do the hard work for you - collecting information, due diligence, legal checks, closing edges and more. The company is giving the investor an industrial quiet whose money works for him and does not bring up dust in the bank, so you can enjoy the fruits of investment when the day comes without finding yourself sucked, too much, into a new world.